Nexica | Econocom: "SAP Certified in Cloud and Insfraestructure Operations"

Nexica | Econocom: "SAP Certified in Cloud and Insfraestructure Operations"

Nexica | Econocom has renewed the "SAP Certified in Cloud and Insfraestructure Operations", to host SAP HANA in the cloud. With our Cloud4HANA solution, customers host their database in the Nexica data center to ensure maximum availability and security of critical information, with flexibility and managed services.

Scalability, redundancy, technical support, migration support... our technical team will help you throughout the Cloud4HANA process, whatever your size is. To access the SAP application efficiently and quickly, without large implementation costs and with a dedicated environment.

We have data centers in Madrid and Barcelona (Tier III), with replication, and according to SAP requirements. That's why Nexica | Econocom is SAP partner.

In addition to Cloud4HANA, Nexica also offers Cloud4Oracle and Cloud4SAP, solutions for Oracle and SAP.

Cloud4HANA improves performance and reduces response times to seconds and allows you to have an accessible data platform, with backups and disaster recovery (Disaster Recovery Services or DRS) as services, to ensure business continuity.

SAP HANA is hosted in Nexica | Econocom in TDI format on FlexPod platform (NetApp, Cisco and VMware), always with 24 hours monitoring, operation and support carried out by our team of certified systems engineers.