Econocom Nexica, in the 10 Top Cloud Providers - Univers Penteo 2022

Econocom Nexica, in the 10 big cloud providers - Univers Penteo 2022

"The 10 largest cloud integrators in the Spanish market". This is the title of Channel Partner about the Cloud Universe 2022, from the consulting firm Penteo. The analysis includes Econocom Nexica in the list of the 10 largest providers of cloud services.

Econocom Nexica is recognized for being in the "top of mind" of CIOs and CTOs (brand awareness as a "cloud provider" among its target audience), for its reliability and flexibility, among many other strengths pointed out by Penteo.

Channel Partner highlights how the Universe has been prepared: "Due to the relevance of this line of service, the analyst firm Penteo has published the 2022 edition of the Penteo Universe of Cloud integrators in which it has analyzed the positioning of the most relevant integrators in Spain. This analysis is represented in 4 dimensions (capacities, benefits, projection and perceived quality), characterized according to 10 factors formed by 35 indicators and more than 130 questions to be answered.This has been combined with a market research answered by CIOs and those responsible for technological services of Spanish companies or multinationals with technology operations present in Spain."

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