Econocom Nexica, in the "top of mind" of CIOs & CTOs

Econocom Nexica, in the "top of mind" of CIOs & CTOs

“Econocom Nexica is one of the best-known cloud infrastructure providers, due to its extensive customer portfolio and its evolution and journey in all segments and sectors.”

This is stated by the Penteo consultancy, which leads the largest community of technology managers in Spain, in its Penteo Cloud Report 2022 - Universe.

As Econocom Nexica, we are consolidated in the "top of mind" of cloud service brands. We are a reference in our niche of action, in related spaces and in the IT and technology departments.

We are a brand that easily comes to mind for CIOs and CTOs when we talk about the cloud.

We have been pioneers in cloud computing and now we offer Nexica Hybrid Cloud, the hybrid cloud with Nexica Cloud, Azure and AWS.

We continue to evolve to be up to date and offer the best service to our customers, with the best partners. ✅