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Econocom Nexica: The Hybrid Cloud Experience

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Best wishes for the New Year!

We want to thank you for your trust. We are very grateful to be able to work together and look forward to continuing this collaboration for a long time. On behalf of the entire Econocom Nexica team...

Econocom Nexica col·labora amb Càritas BarcelonaEconocom Nexica, with Càritas Barcelona

At Econocom Nexica, we would like to thank Caritas Diocesana de Barcelona once again for trusting us as a provider of cloud services, but above all for their help to people suffering from situation...

Nexica Hybrid Cloud: Multicloud With Just One Provider


Econocom Nexica offers its Nexica Hybrid Cloud. It integrates Nexica Cloud, in Tier 3 data centers in Madrid and Barcelona; Microsoft Azure, in certified Microsoft Azure Stack Hub at Nexica Cloud or in Microsoft data center; Amazon Web Services (AWS), with direct interconnection from its cloud, and other public or private clouds.

Mitsubishi, Venca, Càritas Diocesana de Barcelona or CTTI already know they can delegate to us.

Hybrid cloud and multicloud with just one provider is possible. In Econocom Nexica, we help you with your strategy. Contact us: