Market-leading cloud technologies

Infrastructures supporting all services play a key role in the production process. Therefore, we choose our suppliers based on the following criteria:

  • Robustness, technological reliability and functional capabilities
  • Simplicity of the architecture in order to reduce operational complexity
  • Upgradability of the infrastructure to provide cloud services
  • Synergies between services
  • Optimal and rational use of resources

The technology we currently implement is the leading technology in its respective market:



VMware: The world's leading provider of virtualization software available for compatible computers.

Computing and Communications

Cisco: Communications and Virtualization Architectures. Quality in communications as well as virtualization infrastructure.


NetApp: Developer of hardware, software and professional services.

Acceleration and balancing

Pulse Secure: Acceleration for applications. Monitors, controls and optimizes end user traffic by managing its routing and prioritization.

BackUp & Recovery

Veeam: Agentless backup and recovery solution for virtual machines.


Zerto: Key partner of the Nexica Disaster Recovery proposal. Simplify disaster recovery and reduce storage costs. Zerto enables orchestration and automation.