Anual Service Report 2021

Certifications and processes

The global pandemic and this year's partial lockdown have not prevented us from moving forward with our certification processes. As a result, work continued on the renewal and maintenance of our own infrastructure certifications, such as SAP certified in cloud and infrastructure operations. We also continue to hold our own service certifications: ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 for quality management. In addition, the plan to implement and comply with the ENS (National Security Scheme) has been set in motion in order to be certified by the beginning of 2022.

A major overhaul of the administrative processes in the lifecycle of our services has been undertaken, but we have also reviewed many of the operational processes. This was to align them with the company's organizational changes and make them more effective and efficient.


Growth and investment

Econocom Nexica's platform experienced significant growth in 2021, which involved major investment. Such investment was focused on the company's own infrastructure by expanding its capacity, upgrading its technology to provide improved performance and preparing new catalogue items for 2022. Improvements have also been made to the network electronics within our platform.

A large part of the investment was also made in tools that were implemented to improve our customers' services, such as monitoring tools, CMDB, ticketing, and other internal management tools.

We have also invested heavily in increasing the licensing of various products associated with our customers' platforms, which is directly related to the growth in the use of such products.



Innovation continues to be one of Econocom Nexica's priorities, enabling us to deliver high value-added services to our customers. As part of this approach, the entire range of tools for governing and managing services is being redefined.

We are also working on various projects involving the hybridisation of our cloud services with the services of public cloud providers (VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure Stack Hub), services on the Public Cloud (AWS, Azure) and the renewal of the Flexpod-based architecture technology. This will provide our customers with a wider range of options.

In terms of security, products from renowned manufacturers such as Palo Alto and Fortinet have been added to our portfolio, increasing the range of solutions available to our customers.


Transformation Plan

Following on from the changes initiated in previous years as part of in the company's Systems Plan, a new plan to transform Econocom Nexica's operating model was implemented in 2021. This involved the following new management tools:

Jira Service Management as the company's new ticketing tool that allows us to manage requests, incidents, issues and changes.

Zabbix as a new tool for event management and monitoring, as well as for capacity management. This is a highly configurable tool that allows us end-to-end monitoring of components, services and applications on private, public and hybrid clouds.

Device42 for production control. This tool provides us with configuration and asset management, as well as asset vulnerability management.

Confluence as our new unified customer portal, with full integration of the tools listed above, for real-time monitoring of the status of platforms and services. In addition, it also provides us with a repository of technical documentation, procedures and reports for our customers.



  2018 2019 2020 2021
Change request 2.263 2.058 1.459 877
Proactive 7.378 5.975 6.772 7.289
Request 13.177 13.796 13.327 12.669
Incident 2.679 2.455 2.589 3.154
Issue 24 50 16 24


In 2021, Econcom Nexica continued along the same lines as in previous years in terms of resolving tickets. A high percentage of incidents are resolved in the first instance without the need for escalation to second level groups.

There has been a sharp drop in the number of change-request tickets. This may be due to the pandemic and a decrease in changes by customers looking for a more stable situation and or possibly having no need for any changes.



In 2021, 307 projects were carried out for existing and new customers. This represents an increase in the number of projects compared to the previous year of 95%.

The surveys carried out after project completion highlight the satisfaction of our customers, who stated with an average score of 9 that they would recommend us to someone they trust.


Social work

Econocom Nexica remains committed to contributing to the improvement of our society. In 2021, we continued to contribute to Caritas Diocesana with donations for several initiatives, such as enabling schoolchildren to continue their education at home during the pandemic, and the open space job search project.

Likewise, through service-exchange agreements with several non-profit organisations, fundraising campaigns have been launched for various patient-care initiatives and contributions to COVID-19 research.

We also continue to support organisations such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Ulls del Món, Mi Grano de Arena and Hermanas Hospitalarias, also Càritas Diocesana de Barcelona.

Econocom Nexica participates in Apadrina TIC, which is an initiative that provides technology scholarships for students. These scholarships were created to encourage students to pursue technology-related careers.