Nexica Cloud Pool


The Nexica Cloud Pool service allows you to have your own virtual data centre for exclusive use with full guarantee of service, performance and availability by resource reservation.

With this solution, the most robust in the Econocom Nexica public cloud range, you can create your own server infrastructure in the cloud by dividing them into networks, adding virtual firewalls, load balancers, etc.


Benefits of Nexica Cloud Pool



Fully Dedicated resources with optimal performance for critical tasks in your business. Flexibility in provision and cost savings assured.


You can implement any type of infrastructure without worrying about scalability. You will have a data centre similar to your existing infrastructure on-premise but with all the advantages of the Nexica cloud: always up to date.


Self-manage your virtual environment with Nexica Cloud Manager, our in-house development program, so you can design your virtual data centre according to your needs.

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Nexica Cloud Pool

The Cloud Pool from Nexica is an environment based on the same architecture as other Nexica cloud solutions and takes advantage of the high availability on FlexPod® architecture:

  • Cloud Pool Technology
  • FlexPod® architecture (NetApp, Cisco and VMWare)
  • Cisco UCS; VMWare vSphere y NetApp FAS
  • CPU frequency of 1.5 Ghz or 3.0 Ghz


You want to manage your cloud your way and with guaranteed availability?

Move to Nexica Cloud Pool: focus on your virtual environment, and manage it from your own company from Nexica Cloud Manager and forget responsibility to keep your infrastructure