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Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are becoming increasingly unpredictable, frequent, powerful and sophisticated. Activated simultaneously from hundreds of machines scattered worldwide, they saturate your online service and prevent access for hours or even days.

nexica anti ddos


Nexica Anti-DDoS is a cloud-based high-capacity service for protecting against DDoS attacks, filtering attacker traffic targeting your infrastructure, letting through only legitimate traffic and thus avoiding putting the stability of your business at risk.

Your smart shield

Nexica Anti-DDoS is the smart shield for protecting online services against increasingly unpredictable, frequent, durable and sophisticated distributed denial-of-service cyberattacks.

Econocom Nexica has the experience to mitigate these threats and intelligently apply the right combination of technologies to stop them. We protect you with our equipment, processes and technology in order to keep your infrastructure in the event of an attack.

Mitigation technology, methodology and experience

Our highly-trained experts are your most powerful weapon, beyond the technology. They provide intelligent protection based on a combination of years of practical experience and the latest mitigation technologies and methodologies to keep your business safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Based on cloud computing

Nexica Anti-DDoS is a high-capacity service based on cloud computing without needing to expand infrastructure. Nexica Anti-DDoS filters the attacker traffic targeting your online service, letting through only legitimate traffic and thus avoiding compromising the stability of your business.

Triple shield

Our infallible trident consists of:

People: Our operations centre is available 24x7, thus allowing to quickly detect any DDoS attack.

Processes: Based on our experience, we have tested and refined our response processes to ensure that attacks are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Technology: We use a combination of the best technologies from leading providers in attack mitigation in order to ensure that we can identify and stop any type of attack.

Peace of mind and customer proximity

With our protective trident, we reduce downtimes and guarantee minimum impact on your business, brand and customer experience.

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Your smart protection against massive cyberattacks