Mi Grano de Arena: Promoting the online donations

Fundación Real Dreams y Nexica

Nexica and Fundación Real Dreams sign an agreement to promote online donations. The platform of the foundation www.migranodearena.org raised more than 1.5 million euros in 2016 thanks to 20,000 donations to 1,800 NGOs.

Nexica is in charge of web hostings and data security services of the Foundation in the Nexica data center.

Jordi Mas, General Director of Nexica, states: "We have adapted to the growth of migranodearena.org to provide them with availability, security and speed, all for the best  experience, to make all completely satisfactory during the process of donations and to promote them".

David Levy, President of the Royal Dreams Foundation, explains: "Nexica is a key partner for the proper functioning of the organization, as well as to grow and continue to provide a better service, both to organizations and collaborators. And so we can collaborate with more projects".

Precisely the platform of solidarity crowdfunding, www.migranodearena.org, has just released image and format as it is accessible by mobile phone for easy navigation and adapted to all audiences.

Fundación real dreams has other on-line platforms such as donalo.org, a meeting point between companies and NGOs, where companies donate products and NGOs receive them at zero cost.

The real dreams Foundation works to provide resources of time, product and money to NGOs, and develops the social action of companies within the framework of their Corporate Social Responsibility. To do this, it is committed to new technologies and develops on-line tools such as the crowdfunding website migranodearena.org, donalo.org, cajassolidarias.org.