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The cloud is gaining traction in the IT world due to its flexibility against demands for ever-larger resources. What stops many organizations from moving to the cloud is the guaranteed availability of their business. And questions arise: How to move workloads to the cloud without affecting business, support, sales and so on? Can we do a phased migration?

Who has the knowledge and experience to carry out a migration to cloud in the easiest way possible?

At Nexica we have solutions to migrate you to the cloud simply, relieving you of that responsibility, with the lowest possible interruption or impact on service of just minutes instead of hours.


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Nexica Cloud

It is not the cloud, it is your cloud: cloud computing has a standardized approach but each company uses it in its own way, according to your goals and your company. Nexica is here to help you overcome the restrictions of "one-cloud-fits-all" by building platforms and solutions which are truly suited to you.

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Nexica Experties

Nexica Expertise

Control your consumption to the second and set capacity with Nexica Cloud Manager. Plus, thanks to our Cloud Expertise, you get the best infrastructure solutions on excellent terms.

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