Venca bases its e-commerce platform on Cloud Nexica

Customer needs

By the very nature of their business (fashion promotions, continuous campaigns, displays, etc.), Venca needed a robust platform that could withstand high-concentration peaks of activity in a short space of time. Similarly, the high volume of images supplied by its catalogue and website, required technology capable of supporting such continuous transfers with little delay.

Given the criticality of the service, directly linked to the business, Venca also wanted to keep control over processes and, in particular, ensure its admin access for the outsourcer developing and maintaining its on-line sales application.

Auto-scalable solution


After analyzing Venca's characteristics in detail, as well as their present and future needs, Econocom Nexica opted for an IT service model based on a cloud computing platform in on-demand form (pay-per-use), with infrastructure-layer management of all services and providing active support on the other service layers, whose management was delegated to the customer. In this way, it guaranteed compliance with the basic requirements of the project: elasticity, availability, improved response times and control over the platform.

Furthermore, a high-capacity optical fibre link connects the customer's premises with the Econocom Nexica Data Centre, ensuring the highest quality communications with their database and corporate ERP, achieving response times of a few milliseconds for catalogue updating transfers. The flexibility of the Econocom Nexica Data Centre's location, for providing links with different technologies and suppliers, greatly facilitated the rapid deployment of the service.

In a highly-competitive industry like online fashion retail, it is essential to have tools that are able to provide end users with a positive browsing experience on the website. That's why Venca needed a technologically advanced platform capable of providing a quick response, even during mass consumer campaigns. Econocom Nexica's experience in FMCG e-commerce environments gave Venca a lot of confidence

Cloud benefits

In a highly-competitive industry like online fashion retail, in which renewing the catalogue and communicating the goods must be very quick, the infrastructure supporting the customer's service now meets its business case study. Venca has a renewed and flexible technology solution, ready to be sized according to demand and adjust to valley periods, the customer at all times keeping control over resource consumption and thus the cost of the service. The cloud-based platform developed by Econocom Nexica fully met our expectations during both the rigorous testing period and once up and running actual e-commerce campaigns.

The cloud provided by Econocom Nexica has completely fulfilled Venca's expectations during the testing period as well as once up and running actual e-commerce campaigns

Venca needed a provider who could improve the response time between the website and our corporate ERP. Econocom Nexica provides Venca with responses of about 2 milliseconds, a rate which meets our needs


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