At a time of high demand for the services of the SOC (Catalan Employment Service), telematic processes are a key factor because they provide flexibility and efficiency, thus allowing civil servants to get on with tasks with more added value. Econocom Nexica provides the necessary technological platform for the SOC to work efficiently.

The director of the ICT department for the SOC, Luis Anaya, summarizes the philosophy of the public entity with a very significant paradox: "Our goal is for the SOC to go into crisis. This is because we are countercyclical and, unfortunately, in times of crisis, we have a lot of work to do, when our goal is to have none." This paradox can be explained by the fact that the objective of the SOC is to help hundreds of thousands of unemployed citizens to find employment as soon as possible. And, at the same time, advise companies to fill vacancies with maximum guarantees and train up their employees.

The secret of success

In order to meet a demand for information and services which has grown by 400% in two years, new technologies have played a key role. "Without question, the work done by the two thousand workers at the eighty-four centres we have in Catalonia is vital", reflects Luis. "But the circumstances would have overwhelmed us without the transformation we have made from the standpoint of ICT. In just over four years, the members of the CTTI (Rosa Puiggené, Ángels Ferrer and myself), along with the staff assigned to the SOC ICT department and the Central Services professionals at the Centre, have achieved some spectacular milestones. "Three hundred self-service points have been set up throughout Catalonia, but the most important thing is the boost received by the SOC websites and the Feina Activa web portal, which have enabled procedures to be carried out online and have managed to reach ten million visits a year.

Some figures

Luis Anaya provides some very significant figures to understand the size of the work that has been done: "In two years, we have gone from eighty thousand job-seeker card renewals made in person to just twenty thousand. This increase in online registrations has allowed us to free up ninety staff members, who can now focus on tasks that add value, such as citizens advice or guidance". It is also worth noting that this online process alone represents savings of two million euros per year for the Government. "And that is just one procedure", Lluís points out. "We have to think that, in 2010, four million online procedures were carried out with citizens and five million with companies." To explain the secret of this success, Luis gives three reasons: "1, work well done; 2, the services we provide are free, and 3, trust in the Generalitat hallmark".

The "Spider" and the future

This process has allowed the SOC to be a useful tool at a time when there is a high demand for the services provided by the offices, but there is still a lot of work to do regarding the future. Luis Anaya stresses that the new Catalan government greatly appreciates ICT as it supports a political strategy based on improving efficiency. "At the moment, we are working with great intensity to improve the employment web portal Feina Activa with unprecedented tools in the country. For example, the search engine we call the "Spider", which will allow any citizen accessing our web pages to find the job offers we have in our files, but also any that are on the Internet". In addition to this improvement, which is being examined in Madrid as a resource that can be used throughout Spain, a Catalonia-wide network is being working on, which is based on the model for shared medical records. Thanks to that network, called Galileo, the SOC and municipal councils can transfer knowledge and standardize processes, among other things by, focusing on giving more and better services.

Econocom Nexica with the SOC

Econocom Nexica collaborates with the Catalan Employment Service by hosting and managing the computing platform for the Gestió Integrada d'Accions (Integrated Action Management or GIA) and the SOC website, the motors of the online Catalan Employment Service.

Econocom Nexica specifically provides:

  • Two web servers, each with an Apache instance serving production requests. Those servers are shared with GIA integration and pre-production instances and web integration, pre-production and production instances.
  • Two application servers, each with a Tomcat instance.
  • Two Oracle RAC servers, serving Oracle with balancing and high availability through two IPs. Those servers are shared with the GIA integration and pre-production DBs and the web integration, pre-production and production DBs.

Similarly, Econocom Nexica ensures the flexibility needed to adapt to possible increase or reduction in demand.


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