Putting it into context

The nikonistas.com website, managed by Finicon, needed to expand the capacity of its infrastructure in order to meet their growth needs. After a detailed analysis of the current infrastructure and needs of the customer, Nexica chose to virtualize the existing physical platform, resulting in a separation of hardware. Likewise, Nexica also chose to expand the Internet throughput by 20% and significantly expand storage and backup capacity.

Antoni Font, Web Manager and Head of Information and Communications at Finicon, was very clear on what he needed, "Our Nikonistas.com website is continuously growing, so we needed a hosting platform that does not restrict us, without losing support, quality and security. The solution proposed by Nexica based on server virtualization provides greater independence, elasticity and full availability 24 hours every day of the year". He adds, "Since 2001, we have entrusted Nexica to ensure our presence on the Internet. We are very pleased with the way we work with them because we find they adapt to and meet our needs satisfactorily in most cases. Furthermore, as a provider, their knowledge and experience help us not only to address current challenges but also to plan our future projects and strategies more wisely."

Nexica provides Finicon:

  • Windows Server virtual platform by SPLA (pay per use)
  • Internet throughput with 95th percentile
  • SAN space
  • Managed firewall
  • Plesk manager
  • File backup
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Flash Media Server

About Finicon

The company Finicon has an official distribution network, shops and technical service for Nikon goods. Since 2001, it has had several websites hosted in Nexica facilities, Nikonistas.com being the most important web portal. This photography web portal, aimed at Nikon digital camera users, serves as a meeting point for both professional and amateur photographers. On it, photography enthusiasts can find the latest Nikon equipment, opinion forums, interviews with photographers and a large number of resources.

The increasing acceptance of Nikon goods, the need to provide support to all customers - including even those who have equipment which was purchased several years ago - and the need to publicize the different technologies that the brand offers to a growing body of customers and users, inevitably implies the need for expanding resources and the continuous planning of strategies and future scenarios. In both cases, because of the experience over all these years with Nexica, it can be said that both the answers and technical solutions obtained, such as the planning processes shared with them, have been completely satisfactory and, most importantly, implementation was carried out within the scheduled deadlines.

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