Nexica hosts pay-per-use SAP HANA cloud in its data centres in Madrid and Barcelona

Nexica offers a pay-per-use cloud solution for SAP HANA in its Madrid and Barcelona data centres, as well as an on-premise (in the customer data centre) solution, or a hybrid of both. Nexica has added Cloud4HANA to its portfolio, which already includes Cloud4Oracle and Cloud4SAP for Oracle and SAP, ERPs or Enterprise Resource Planning software.

The in-memory data platform ensures rapid query and report extraction: "Nexica Cloud4HANA is very well-received because performance improvements reduce response times from more than one hour (77 minutes) to a few seconds (between 15 and 16.5 seconds)", points out Nexica's sales and marketing director Marc Granados, adding that, "Nexica Cloud4Hana is a pay-per-use SAP HANA environment service for production, that is, with no fixed term and with full scalability, high availability and security.”

As with any Nexica service, there is transparency at all times to view and manage any resources engaged and streamline their provision. "Customers know where their data is, in Madrid and Barcelona, and can visit us at any time" says Granados.

In addition, Nexica Cloud4HANA provides an accessible and secure data platform with backup and disaster recovery as services (DRS) in order to ensure business continuity, a very highly-valued security layer by any organization.

Cloud4HANA is hosted at Nexica on the proven FlexPod platform from manufacturers Cisco and NetApp, and is always provided with 24-hour monitoring, operation and support by our team of certified systems engineers.

Contact us, email your Account Manager at Nexica.