Nexica VIP Lunch: opera and IT in Liceu, Barcelona’s Opera House

In Nexica Econocom, it is tradition to celebrate Christmas with customers in the Círculo del Liceo and the Gran Teatre del Liceu, thanks to the fact that we are corporate sponsor entity of the Barcelona’s Opera House.

After this great Nexica VIP Lunch, we want to make three very special thanks:

• To thank the sponsorship and personal support of Sara Ayats (VMware) and Jaime Llamas (NetApp): With you we would reach Mars.

• To thank the success stories of Ramon Illa (Mitsubishi) and Guillem Orriols (DABA, Nespresso exclusive distributor): You are our best letter of introduction.

• Thank the trust and warmth of Albert Sust (Liceu): From your IT department you have opened a world full of experiences.

And with Pol Avinyó (Liceu) conference on Montserrat Caballé, we conclude a 2019 year of great experiences on and offline. Thank you all for making this possible!

Photo gallery Nexica VIP Lunch: