Who we are

About Econocom Nexica

Econocom Nexica provides secure IT infrastructure in the cloud, systems management solutions and IT outsourcing: public, private and hybrid cloud, in our data centres and on-premise.

We have data centres in Barcelona y Madrid and the latest technology, processes and expertise to ensure the availability and security of business 24x7.

Created in 1996, Nexica, of Econocom Group, offers security, elasticity and closeness to be the trusted partner. Danone, Habitaclia, Venca, Intermas Nets, Mitsubishi Electric or Càritas Diocesana de Barcelona are some of our customers.

About Econocom

The international group Econocom designs, finances and advises companies in their digital transformation. Econocom provides every guarantee for the implementation of the most ambitious digital projects whether in terms of consulting, technology management, financing, infrastructure or business solutions, etc.

We are friendly, flexible and secure


Proximidad nexica


We believe in close personal attention. We want to get the "cum laude" in the design, development and implementation of every project. We put ourselves out to meet your IT needs.

equipo profesional nexica

Professional team

At Nexica, we are a professional team with experience, knowledge and personal attention to our customers.

Flexibilidad Nexica


Get the infrastructure you need at any given time and pay only for what you to use per second. We have high availability, flexibility in supply and elasticity.

Cloud Nexica

Nexica Cloud

Our data centres are in Barcelona, Madrid and Marseille (France) and we replicate services. Therefore, your Nexica-housed data is secure.

seguridad nexica


We have the most stringent security measures for ensuring your business runs 24x7.

Cisco Powered


We have the strict Cisco Powered Advanced CMSP certifications in IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service).