24x7 monitoring and support

  We continuously monitor your platforms

Our services range from level-1 basic monitoring 24x7 (included in all projects), which ensures the visibility of your pages at all times and an immediate response in the event of any issues, to advanced monitoring services which proactively prevent possible issues and ensure optimal end-to-end performance of your applications in any scenario.

  In addition, you will always have a team of technicians at hand for any questions.

  • Specialized staff on-site 24x7 providing specific and immediate solutions at all levels.
  • Various degrees of action: 24x7 monitoring (included in all projects), web application monitoring, stress tests, 24x7 support.
  • Managing and monitoring applications hosted on external platforms.
  • Management and administration of hardware environment, replacement of equipment, technical verification of its operation and remote hands services.
  • Management and administration of service, checking requests, transactions, cache hits, etc. and monitoring the current system load and its growth trend in order to plan orderly and reasonable growth of the platform.
  • Managing level of service quality, monitoring compliance with SLAs.
  • Regular reports with information on availability and performance and a breakdown of all tasks and issues addressed in order to locate areas for improvement.
  • Immediate troubleshooting. Notification of critical issues via email and SMS to whoever is deemed appropriate.