Nexica Cloud Manager


Nexica Cloud Manager is the control panel for your cloud infrastructure, your mail services (mailboxes, antispam and Exchange) and domains, with multiple functions: creation, activation and restarting servers, setting the degree of elasticity, configuring firewall rules, etc.

You can even check consumption to the second and set capacity there and then. Nexica Cloud Manager gives you all the control to ajust your needs and give to your internal and external client the best experience in your applications, webs, data... for a always on enterprise.

More muscle every day

Nexica Cloud Manager is the web-based control panel for your Econocom Nexica services, on your PC and at any time. It has been developed based on the real needs of clients and it is improved day by day according to their requests and our team of engineers. The development of this software has been co-funded within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2013-2016 and the ERDF or European Regional Development Fund (more info here).


Create, activate and restart servers

Set the degree of elasticity of your platform

Configure your firewall rules

Control your costs second by second


Nexica Cloud Manager has been developed by the Econocom Nexica programming team based on real customer needs and it ensures continuous improvement of the platform.

It is simple and easy to use, with graphs showing resource costs in hourly timescale, cost distribution graphs, accumulated total cost monitoring for the period and subtotals by resource, etc.

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With Nexica Cloud Manager you get precision in the management and billing of your cloud services